Circalicious – A tasty circus treat!

Circalicious is a spectacular display of acrobatic and aerial skills, performed by a mash up of Melbourne’s circus artists and Emerald City guests.

Full of of circus entertainment that thrills, amazes and enchants.

14th September  7pm    19-24th September 7pm

$22 full, $20 con       G

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Trash Test Dummies

Everyone put your bins out, tonight’s bin night and the Trash Test Dummies are on duty! This award winning, sidesplitting, slapstick comedy, circus routine takes the household wheelie bin to new heights, and delivers a dump-truck full of hilarity!

23/24th  September  3pm , 25 to 30th September 2pm

$25 full, $22 con, $22 Child    G

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Scott’s BMX trick Bike Show

Almost everybody has ridden a bike. Scott can ride a bike in ways you have never dreamed! Backwards on the front wheel. Frontwards on the back wheel. Frontwards on the front wheel, backwards upside-down.

Golly! Come and learn how to show off. You too can tour the world doing what you love.

25 to 28 September  2.30pm

$24 full    G

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Hazel’s Suitcase Circus

Can you fit a whole circus in a suitcase? Can you juggle with your toes? One clever woman – with help from you – creates a spectacular circus show featuring juggling, plate spinning, foot juggling and clown. So get off your bums and see some real live circus while it’s still kicking!

Previews-23, 24th September  4.30pm   $14.50             

Shows- 25 to 30th September  3.30pm

$20 Full, Con $14.50    G

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Playing Up at Fringe ! 

Get your creative spirit involved at Emerald City this Fringe with PLAYING UP workshops-

Dao Yin Yoga, Belly Dance, Acrobalance , Clay – Hand Building, Circus Fun for Kids, 

Auslan workshops, Still Life Drawing, Kids Drama.

Something for Everyone.

Fun for all ages.

For workshop details click on the link below-

Workshop Details here.
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Melbourne loves street art! As part of Emerald City’s performing arts events at the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2017, the #OWNIT! Street Art Exhibition showcases emerging Melbourne, Australian and International artists: street / graffiti art, stencils, paste up, sticker bombers and street art photography.

 26th-30th September



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Ladies of the Celluloid Carnival

Ladies of the Celluloid Carnival offers films by and about talented Australian women. A sparkling mix of silent stars and contemporary shorts, this film series highlights the amazing work of women in front of and behind the camera!

14 to 18th  September  6.30-9.30pm,  Emerald City Bar

19 to 24th September 6.30-9.30pm, Emerald City Bar


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NIGHT SONG is a chance to lie down and disappear into the dark. During this live performance of original piano compositions that are both intimate and cinematic, each audience member receives a bed and a view of the stars. NIGHT SONG encourages introspection, silence and rest – a break from the madness of the world outside.

22 to 24 September     8pm

$24 full, $18 Con, $10 child    G

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The Factory: Sweet Dreaming | Green Room.

Two musicals, two hours, one ticket.

The Factory’ is a double-bill of original musical theatre works that UMMTA are presenting for The Melbourne Fringe Festival. We are producing two completely original mini-musicals: Sweet Dreaming and Green Room.

15th-17th September 8pm

$25 full, $20 Con   M

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The Shape of a Square

In the Shape of a Square provides listeners with a rare chance to enjoy dynamic aural soundscapes by composers such as Philip Glass and Toru Takemitsu. This performance will explore contemporary approaches to chamber music for flutes and for strings that emphasise contemplation, minimalism and gesture. Supported by RMIT Link Arts and Culture.

16th September  7PM

$23.50 full, $17.50 con    G

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The Measure of a Man

How do you measure a man? Is it the way he walks, the way he talks? Told in Roach’s humorous, raw and deeply candid style, The Measure of a Man will stare into the heart of one man’s sexual anxieties and pull out the stories we try to shy away from – stories often shrouded in embarrassment or shame. 

19-24 September 9pm,

$25    M

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The Feather Pillow

*Monster*? Is it the lover whose coldness leaves you in Eternal Winter?… Or the thing living in your pillow, feeding off you as you sleep? Step inside the pages of a Living Book and enter the macabre world of South America’s own “Edgar Allen Poe,” told through movement, storytelling & installation. Experience Gothic-esque horror, curious perspective shifts & fragmented sensations.

15-17 September  7.30pm

$25 full, $22 con    M

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Orpheus Turns

Follow. Turn. Turn againOrpheus seeks Eurydice in the underworld. He turns, and she is gone. He turns, and she is gone. Orpheus seeks. He turns. She is gone. Mythic, gothic, hallucinatory, melancholic, this site-specific piece draws inspiration from diverse practices of grieving to express a contradiction at the heart of the grieving process, a conflict between moving forward and looking back.

20th-23rd September 6.30 and

$20   M

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Before the End

Have you ever woken up in an unusual place and felt the disorientation of an unknown environment? What If that feeling never went away? Before The End uses a dialogue heavy plot and live media elements to explore the idea of death, the afterlife and euthanasia.

15 to 18th September  8pm

$20 full, $18 Con   M


Bogus- Contemporary Dance Production

Bogus’ is a contemporary dance work celebrating a story of transformation, innocence, childhood and the importance of imagination. Through dynamic movement the piece highlights the constant change and development of the human mind and the growth of independence and strength in each individual.

29 September  8pm              

30 September 2.30 pm, 8pm

$30 full, $25 Con, $15 Child   G

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Scatterbrains and Doodle Heads

Double Bill- Wandering Mind is a creation of work based off the dancers’ drifting thoughts in day-to-day life… distorted into one untidy, muddled, intelligent and comical mind for the audience to listen to. Political Décor is a rollercoaster of serious and humorous takes on the leadership of today, highlighting the parallels between childish behaviors and political banter.

26-28th September    8pm

$22 full, $18.5 con, $15.50 Child    PG

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Third Degree Burnie

Winner of the 2017 Adelaide Fringe ‘Unfold Fringe’ People’s Choice for Best Magician’s Performance, Third Degree Burnie is a bumbling fire-eating magician who somehow amazes his audience without too much danger. Show comes with a 100% Laughter Guarantee!

26 to 29 September      7pm

$25 full, $20 con, $15 Child   PG

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The Baby Farmer 

A somber meditation on destiny and lost innocence, ‘The Baby Farmer’ is The Laudanum Project’s most ominous work to date. Set in London in 1879, this one act play explores the darkened world of 6 year old Agatha May and her mentally ill mother Winnifred. ‘The Baby Farmer’ is also an adult picture book with illustrations by Chloe Neath.

27-30th September      9pm 

$35 Full, $30 con     18+

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Fafi D’Alour and The Delinquents

You’re invited to escape into the wonderful world of Fafi D’Alour and The Delinquents; an evening of exquisite performance and sensual titillation. A wild emporium of exceptional vocals and breathtaking physical movement, sure to set your senses ablaze! Join us in a firework of femininity and bedazzlement as we define the dreamscape of your utmost desires.

19 to 24th September 9pm

$29 full, $23 con     18+

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May Contain Sex Scenes

Get under the covers with Sabrina Martin (NZ) for a deliciously intimate and shameless celebration of the female orgasm. Charming, cheeky, exciting and enlightening; this interactive physical theatre experience is a bold ode to body-love and the playful pursuit of pleasure. May Contain will delve into your fantasies and leave you deeply, deeply satisfied. You’ll be glad you came.

26-30th September, 8pm, 28-30th September 9.30pm

$25 full, $22 Con     18+

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Naughty Hands: Signs of love, lust & insults

Let your hands do the dirty talk with Adelaide’s funniest Deaf guy, Barry Priori. He’ll take you on a journey into the R rated side of the Deaf world and by the end of the night you’ll be signing your favourite naughty words in Auslan (Australian Sign Language). Everything is interpreted, so no one misses out.

19 to 24 September    7.30pm

$25 full $20 con     18+

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